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Product description

The advanced antibiotics will quickly help to cope with bacterial infection. If the treatment of the infectious diseases is delayed, dangerous complications which will harm important organs of the human may happen.

The advanced Cipro antibiotic is effective in the treatment of the most bacterial infections. Cipro is released according to the standards of quality and is a registered trade mark pf the active ingredient Ciprofloxacin. Cipro may be bought without prescription. Just order the shipment of the antibiotic in the online pharmacy and wait for a courier.

Cipro gives bactericidal action as to gram-negative aerobic bacteria, gram-positive aerobic bacteria, and intracellular activators.

The advantage of Ciprofloxacin is a bactericidal action to bacteria which are at the stage of the active development as well as rest.

Cipro copes with malignant microorganisms by means of the DNA destruction. Reaching the cells of bacteria Ciprofloxacin breaks synthesis of protein and prevents the development of microorganisms. At the same time, a destruction of the cellular wall of bacteria happens due to which they die almost at once.

Cipro acts only to the cells of microbes and does not touch healthy cells of the body. It is not accumulated in the tissues and liquids, does not cause addictions, and is excreted almost 99% from the body within 24 hours.

If you have the symptoms of the bacterial infection, and you are looking for an effective and safe antibiotic, you may buy Cipro and make sure that it is one of the best drugs which will treat almost any infection in a short period of time.

Buy Cipro Online

Directions for the use

Cipro is prescribed for the treatment and prophylaxis of bacterial infections of the airways, skin, bone tissues, joints, kidneys, urinary tracts, sexual infections, infections of the mucous membranes and HENT organs.

Cipro is recommended patients with weak immunity, and also as a prophylaxis of the inflammatory infections during surgeries.

Usage and dosage

Cipro pills should be taken orally, without chewing a pill. Taking antibiotic on an empty stomach, its bioavailability and uptake in the GIT are improved.

  • The treatment of the infectious diseases should be started from the dose of 500 mg Cipro 2 times a day (every 12 hours)
  • In case of no therapeutic effect within 3-4 days, the dose may be increased up to 750 mg of Cipro 2 times a day
  • After the disappearance of the medical symptoms of the bacterial infections Cipro should be used for 3 days more
  • Patients with dysfunction of kidneys experience slow metabolism of Ciprofloxacin, that is why the dose for these patients should not exceed 250 mg of Cipro 2 times a day.
  • The average duration of the bacterial infection treatment is 7-10 days. In the rest cases, the treatment may take 14 days.

Side effects

The side effects of Cipro appear during the use in high doses within a long period of time. Patients usually have drug mouth, headache, reduction of appetite, dizziness, nausea, and high body temperature.

As a rule, these side effects are weak, and do not influence on the antibacterial therapy. All side effects of Cipro run their course within 2-3 days.

Interaction with other drugs

  • Medical interaction of Cipro with metronidazole, clindamycin, cyclosporine, and vancomycin will improve the antibacterial effect in the treatment of severe infections
  • Antacid (drugs reducing the stomach acidity) slow down the uptake of Cipro, and therefore antibiotic should be taken 2 hours before or 3 hours after the use of antacids
  • The side effects increase in case of the Cipro interaction with caffeine and theophylline
  • The interaction of Cipro with ethanol increases the probability of the appearance of allergic reaction, nausea, and vomiting. The drug is forbidden to be used with alcohol