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Product description

Zithromax is a modern antibiotic which is recommended for the first signs of bacterial infections. Taking this antibiotic you will be able to stop the development of infection and protect yourself against inflammatory processes in the body.

Buy Zithromax Online

The main active ingredient of Zithromax is Azithromycin. This drug has a high antimicrobial activity and positions an inflammatory process in the body. Zithromax is well tolerated by the body, does not cause a lot of side effects, and works for patients of any age.

Any person can buy Zithromax and take it at home. This states its high level of the pharmacological safety.

The use of Zithromax will help to cope with infectious diseases quickly and safely, because Azithromycin is active as to most known bacterial activators (streptococci, staphylococcus, chlamydia, gonococcus, gardnerella, Treponema, and others).

As to microbes, Azithromycin provides bacteriostatic action and destroys peptide chains of their cells. Due to this, disorder of protein synthesis happens in cells of bacteria, so that they lose the ability to develop.

In the treatment of severe infections with the use of high doses of Zithromax Azithromycin shows a bactericidal action and destroys not only synthesis of protein in bacteria cells but also their cellular wall, so that microorganisms become vulnerable for immune systems of the human body.

Directions for the use

Zithromax is prescribed patients for the treatment of bacterial infections of upper and lower airways, infections of the bone tissues and joints, skin, urinary system, sexual infections, Lime disease, pneumonia, and other diseases not mentioned in this guide. 

Most known for today infections are treatable by Azithromycin. But before you buy Zithromax, you should make sure that infections are caused by microorganisms sensitive to antibiotic. A medical examination is required.

Usage and dosage 

Zithromax dose is indicated individually for every patient depending on the severity level of the bacterial infection and resistance of the disease-causing microorganisms to the active ingredients of the antibiotic.

Most types of bacterial infections are treatable during the use of the daily dose of Zithromax 250 mg. Zithromax 250 mg pills are used once a day, in the morning, regardless of meals.

For severe infectious diseases, the daily dose of Zithromax may be increased up to 500-1000 mg a day. High doses of Zithromax are divide into 2-3 times.

Children need less amount of the active ingredient of Azithromycin, and therefore the dose is prescribed according to the scheme 5-10 mg per 1 kg of the body weight a day. Depending on the body weight and age of a child, the dose may vary.

The duration of the course of the medical therapy should be at least 4-5 days. The duration of the treatment may be increased according to the medical characteristics and under the supervision of the doctor.

Side effects

In the setting of antibacterial therapy with Zithromax drug a patient may have headache, low appetite, sleepiness, and digestion disorder. It is an adequate reaction of the body to the action of Azithromycin. As a rule, these unwanted side effects disappear in 1-2 days after the beginning of the drug use.

Interaction with other drug

  • In case of the simultaneous use of Zithromax with antacids interval between the use of these drugs should be 1,5-2 hours
  • Ethanol lowers the antibacterial effect and increases the risk of allergic reaction and digestion disorder in combination with Azithromycin
  • Dihydroergotamine and Ergotamine increase toxic action of Zithromax, so that side effects may appear
  • Tetracycline increases the pharmacological effect of Azithromycin, and therefore lowering of the daily dose is required.