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Product description

Condylox is a trade name of the active ingredient Podophyllotoxin. This drug removes pointed condyloma caused by human papilloma virus.

In the vast majority, human papilloma virus has passive form and causes complications only during the weak immunity. These complications are expressed in the form of the pointed warts which appear in the area of the genitals. Pointed condyloma may appear in men and women. It is the most common viral infections which is sexually transmitted.

Buy Condylox Online

As pointed condyloma is not dangerous for the human and pass without any assistance in some cases, they may be increased in size and spoil the human appearance. There is both mechanical and drug methods to remove pointed condyloma.

The use of Condylox to remove pointed condyloma is the most convenient and easy way. It provides cauterize action to warts and then mummifies it. After the growth becomes completely dry, it drops off.

Condylox has a wide range of advantages before mechanical removal of condyloma: it does not leave scars, does not cause painful sensations, and it works for all patients.

Podophyllotoxin is obtained from the vegetable extracts, and therefore the drug does not have contraindications for the use, is not absorbed into the systemic blood flow and does not cause systemic side effects.

The only drawback of Condylox is no fast effect. The active interaction to condyloma happens within 3-5 days, and then it dries and drops off within a week. The process may be accelerated if the treatment is started at once, during the first signs of wart appearance. You may buy Condylox and keep it in your medicine chest for pointed condyloma, because it may be needed at any time.

Directions for the use

Condylox is used to remove pointed condyloma in women and men. It works for the use in the area of genitals, vulvar lips, pelvic area, and also around anus.

The use of Condylox to remove warts and other papilloma should be controlled by doctor, and therefore it is better to consult a doctor before buying Condylox and find out if you are allowed to use this drug.

Usage and dosage

Condylox is released in the form of gel only for the external application. Gel is applied to wart avoiding other parts of the skin because it may cause burns and other skin reactions.

For convenience of Condylox gel application, it comes with polymer applicators. At first, it is necessary to apply get to applicator, so that the whole of loop is filled with liquid. Solution is applied to condyloma with the help of loop. Then application is repeated applying to other condyloma.

If gel got open parts of the healthy skin, remove it with wet wipe as soon as possible.

After application of Condylox gel to all condyloma, it is necessary to wait till it dries out. It will tale 1-2 minutes.

Condylox gel is applied 2 times a day within 3 days. Then, it is needed to make a break and analyze the reaction to the treatment. If the process of mummifying was not started, the treatment may be repeated within 3 days.

Side effects

Condylox may cause local allergic reactions in case of reaching open parts of the healthy skin: itching, burning, redness, and painful sensations.

Applying a great amount of gel to big condyloma light edema is possible around the wart. This edema disappears within 2 days.

Interaction with other drugs

Podophyllotoxin consists of the vegetable ingredients with small amount of the negative synthetic medical ingredients. It does not penetrate into the systemic blood flow and is accumulated in the pointed condyloma.

Therefore, it is unknown about any interactions of Condylox at the moment. You may use this gel regardless what drugs you are taking and in what doses.