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Product description

Pointed condyloma is genital warts which are caused by human papilloma virus. Human papilloma virus is very specific and is located in the body within the entire life. Most people with papilloma virus do not need treatment because immunity prevents the appearance of papilloma.

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In case of the weak immunity the person may have growths which are not dangerous but spoil the appearance of the person. Genital warts appear often, and there is probability of the second appearance of the pointed condyloma in 2-3 months after the use of the antiviral drugs.

Podofilox medical drug is used to remove pointed condyloma. It is rather cheap, safe, and easy to use drug which removes genital warts and cleans the skin, and reduces the appearance of condyloma again. If the common antiviral drugs do not help you and condyloma brings discomfort, you may be recommended to buy Podofilox and remove the pointed condyloma.

Podofilox does not have antiviral action. Reaching the growth it causes death of the external condyloma and mummifies it. Warts fall off in 1-2 weeks, and there are no marks of them on the skin.

Podofilox differs stable therapeutic effect. Therapeutic effect of Podofilox is not reduced even during the regular application of the drug to remove the pointed condyloma. 

Unlike mechanic removal of the pointed condyloma during which the human experiences painful sensations Podofilox acts without pain and does not leave any scars.

Directions for the use

Podofilox is prescribed for the treatment and prophylaxis of the pointed condyloma. Podofilox is often used on the skin and mucous membranes of genitals because its action is painless.

It is not contraindicated to use Podofilox to remove genital warts but it is necessary to make sure that growths do not have cancerous cells. A medical examination is needed.

Usage and dosage

Even if you got rid of the pointed condyloma, you may buy Podofilox and keep this drug in your medicine chest. The probability of the second appearance of the pointed condyloma is more than 50%. Having Podofilox in your medicine chest you will be able to remove growths on the initial stage of their appearance.

  • Podofilox gel is used only externally!
  • Podofilox is applied with thin layer to the wart only
  • If gel reaches open areas of the skin, it may cause irritation and even slight corrosive burn
  • Less gel is applied in the treatment of the pointed condyloma on the mucous membranes and soft tissues of genitals
  • After applying Podofilox gel it is necessary to wait for 1 minute till it gets dry.
  • Gel is used every day, once a day
  • This way, Podofilox is used within 3 weeks after which it is necessary to follow therapeutic effect and restore the gel application to the cured condyloma, if necessary

Side effects

Podofilox quickly penetrates into the tissue of the pointed condyloma but the active ingredients of the drug do not go to the systemic blood flow, and therefore it does not cause systemic side effects.

Podofilox may cause allergic reaction, itching, redness of the skin around wart, burning, edema, and light inflammation. The side effects appear in two cases: the patients uses too much gel, or gel touches healthy parts of the skin.

Interaction with other drugs

Medical data have proved that the active ingredients of Podofilox do not penetrate into the blood, and therefore this drug does not interact with peroral drugs.

To increase therapeutic effect it is recommended to use Podofilox with immunomodulators which improve general therapeutic effect and accelerate the treatment of the pointed condyloma.