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Product description

Zoloft medical drug is rather popular to the experienced psychotherapists and considered as highly effective antidepressant of the broad spectrum action. It is one of the most stable and safest antidepressants which is effective for chronic forms of depression.

Buy Zoloft Online

Sertraline is a nonproprietary name of Zoloft. The mechanism of action of Sertraline is conditioned by the high level of serotonin in the brain and neurons of the central nervous system. Zoloft is one of 4 antidepressants which are regarded the most effective for severe forms of depression and anxious disorders.

Zoloft differs from the identical drugs because its prolonged use does not cause a medical addiction and does not change psychomotor activity.

Sertraline does not provide a strong sedative, psychostimulant action. Therapeutic effect is slowly developed, the patient has the improvement of mood, fear, irritation, permanent feeling of anxiety disappear. The signs of severe depression are completely gone in 2-3 months, good sleeping is restored, the function of central nervous system and brain is regulated.

Despite low sedative effect, Zoloft provides a positive influence on patients with anxious condition and panic disorders. At the same time, the symptoms of anxiety disappear faster than taking Prozac.

Selecting antidepressant for the treatment or prophylaxis of depression, Zoloft should be selected, for sure. It is well tolerated, does not cause expressed side effects, and almost does not influence on the sexual function of a man.

If you are looking for a good antidepressant, you may buy Zoloft and make sure of this drugaefficiency.

Directions for the use

Zoloft is prescribed for the treatment and prophylaxis of chronic depression. The drug gives a good account of itself during acute episodes of depression, with symptoms of panic attacks and phobia.

Zoloft shows high efficiency during the treatment of obsessive-compulsory disorders and posttraumatic stress disorders.

Usage and dosage

A dose of Zoloft works within 24 hours, and therefore the drug should be taken once a day. The pills may be used regardless of meals but with a full glass of water for better uptake in the digestion organs.

The dosage regimen of Zoloft depends on form of the mental disorder and severity of the disease:

  • Patients are prescribed 1 pill of Zoloft 50 mg a day for depressive disorders
  • The treatment is recommended from 1 pill of Zoloft 25 mg a day for panic attacks and phobia
  • The use of low doses at the beginning of the treatment allows reducing the frequency of the early unwanted effects
  • Therapeutic effect is developed within the first week and patient feels the improvement in 7-8 days
  • If you did not feel any result in 7-10 days, the dose may be increased by 50 mg a day
  • The maximal daily dose of Zoloft is 200 mg (the dose should be increased by 50 mg not more than once a week)
  • A complete medical effect is gained in 3-4 weeks
  • As the daily dose of Zoloft 200 mg is safe for most patients, it is recommended to take the minimal effective daily dose in order to reduce the probability of the side effects.

Side effects

Patients may have side effects within the first 7-10 days, such as digestion disorder, rapid heartbeat, high arterial pressure, muscle spasms, sleepiness, headache, migraine, and faintness.

It has been proved that the intensity of the side effects depends on the daily dose, and therefore the proper dose is a main factor in the safe treatment of depression. If you never take antidepressants before, you should consult a doctor or pharmacist before buying Zoloft.

Interaction with other drugs

  • The combined use of Zoloft with MAO inhibitors cause serious complications and strong side effects. These antidepressants may be taken 14 days apart.
  • Alcohol consumption or medical drugs containing ethanol are contraindicated during the use of Zoloft
  • Taking Sertraline with other serotonin reuptake inhibitors the general daily dose of drugs should be reduced.