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Product description

Selective reuptake inhibitors of noradrenaline and dopamine are the newest pharmacological group of drugs which are used for the treatment of depression.

The most popular representative of this antidepressant group is Wellbutrin drug. Wellbutrin may be bought in the online pharmacy ordering the shipment of the antidepressant to your house.

Buy Wellbutrin Online

A distinctive peculiarity of Wellbutrin is a psychostimulant action, and some scientists compare its action to the action of amphetamine. But Wellbutrin does not have narcotic properties and does not cause addiction.

The main active ingredient of Wellbutrin drug is Bupropion ingredient. Reaching the body it is quickly turned into several metabolites of the various action. Therefore, it is completely unknown what metabolite of Bupropion provides more effect and influences on the reduction of the depression symptoms.

It is just known that one of metabolites of Wellbutrin shows a suppressive action to nicotine receptors. This drug is actively used for the treatment of nicotine addiction. It helps to reduce the emotional severity because of the quitting smoking and weaken the withdrawal syndrome of nicotine. 

Wellbutrin differs from other antidepressants because it does not have standard side effects. Taking this drug patients do not experience gaining of weight, and a normal sexual function is kept. Therefore, if the use of the drugs of the serotonin reuptake inhibitors cause erectile dysfunction, or low libido, Wellbutrin may be bought, and the sexual function is restored without harming the antidepressive therapy.

Directions for the use

Wellbutrin is recommended patients with bipolar disorder, depressive episodes, and apathy as a result of depressive disorder.

Wellbutrin may be taken for the treatment and prophylaxis of nicotine addiction.

Usage and dosage

Wellbutrin pills are taken once a day, in the morning regardless of the meals.

  • Treating depression, the treatment is started from the daily dose of Wellbutrin 150 mg
  • Therapeutic effects is developed slowly and the improvement of the condition is noticed till the end of 2nd week of the treatment
  • If the medical effect does not appear in 14 days, the dose of Wellbutrin is increased up to 300 mg a day
  • In case of the appearance of the weak effect which does not cope with the depression symptoms, the dose may be increased up to 450 mg of Wellbutrin a day
  • Wellbutrin 450 mg is the maximal daily dose and it should not be exceeded.

Having a stable medical effect the daily dose of Wellbutrin is reduced up to 150-300 mg. patients are prescribed the maintaining antidepressive therapy within 6-12 months.

Side effects

Wellbutrin side effects have weak character and pass softly. If the dose regimen is observed, the side effects appear in rare cases but they do not bother antidepressive therapy.

At the beginning of Wellbutrin usage tachycardia may happen, and this unwanted effect passes. Moreover, many patients have heartburn in case of the prolonged use of the drug.

The most common side effects of Wellbutrin are weight loss, epileptic attack, anxiety, insomnia, digestion upset, and high arterial pressure.

In case of the development of the convulsive attacks, the daily dose of Wellbutrin should not exceed 150 mg.

Interaction with other drugs

  • Drugs for anesthesia may cause arrhythmia interacting with Bupropion
  • In case of the Wellbutrin interaction with tricyclic antidepressants, serotonin reuptake inhibitors, beta-adrenoceptors, and antiarrhythmic drugs the increase of the therapeutic action of both drugs happen, and therefore the adjustment of the dose is needed before prescribing these drugs
  • The simultaneous use of Wellbutrin with Amantadine increases the risk of psychoneurological side effects. A high caution should be observed.