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Product description

Combined antibiotics provide a faster antimicrobial effect in low therapeutic doses. Therefore, many doctors recommend their patients to buy Bactrim because this antibiotic contains two active ingredients at once which destroy bacteria.

Bactrim contains two active ingredients sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. These ingredients increase the action of each other. Due to this, bactericidal action is gained during such doses when separate ingredients of the drug show only bacteriostatic effect. Therefore, Bactrim is considered one of the most effective antibiotics which may be used for severe infectious diseases.

The active ingredients of Bactrim break synthesis of folic acid which is responsible for protein metabolism and division of the microbial cell. As a result, bacteria are not able to grow and divide, so that they gradually die under the action of the protective properties of the body.

Resistance to Bactrim is developed slowly, and therefore most causative agents are treatable by this drug. Therapeutic effects may be adjusted by means of the increase or decrease of the daily dosage. Depending on the type of the causative agent and its sensitivity to Sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim patients are recommended an individual dosage regimen.

Buy Bactrim Online

Directions for the use

Bactrim is prescribed for prophylaxis and treatment of the infections of the respiratory system, HENT, organs of the gastro-intestinal tract during acute condition of chronic bronchitis, and complicated pneumonia.

Bactrim is effective to reduce skin inflammatory processes caused by infection.

Usage and dosage

If you have symptoms of the infectious disease, it is not obligatory to go to a doctor to get a prescription. You may go to the website of the online pharmacy and buy Bactrim without wasting time.

The infections treatment should be started as soon as possible but before taking the drug it is important to read the instruction for the use.

  • A pill of Bactrim contains 400 mg of sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim
  • For infections of the middle severity adults and children over 12 are prescribed 2 pills of Bactrim 2 times a day (every 1 hours)
  • For severe infectious processes adults and children over 12 take the double dose, up to 4 pills of Bactrim every 2 hours
  • Children under 12 years old are prescribed Bactrim in the form of syrup/suspension to take orally, and the dose is selected individually depending on the age and body weight of a child.
  • On the average, the duration of the treatment is from 5 to 14 days

If you felt the improvement of the disease symptoms, it is necessary to take the drug for at least 2 days more. If the treatment is terminated early, bacteria may be left in the body and they will start developing, and the disease symptoms will appear again.

Side effects

The side effects of Bactrim appear rarely and do not prevent the treatment. Patients often state the appearance of such side effects as headache, sleep disorder, nausea, heartburn, stomachache, and low appetite.

The patients may have high body temperature within the first 1-2 days of the antibiotic use, but then the disease symptoms will become weak.

Interaction with other drugs

  • Bactrim competes with drugs which are excreted by kidneys, so that metabolism of the main active ingredients of the antibiotic may be broken. It may cause overdose, and therefore if you take any drugs which are excreted by kidneys, their dose or Bactrim dosage should be lowered.
  • The interaction of Bactrim with thiazide diuretics may critically decrease the amount of blood plates in the blood
  • Bactrim reduces the efficiency of the tricycle antidepressants.
  • It is strictly contraindicated to take Bactrim with alcohol.