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Product description

In case of the high level of the female sexual hormone estrogen they may stimulate division of the cancerous cells. Antiestrogenic therapy is the only way to quickly neutralize negative action of estrogens and stop progression of the tumor diseases.

Buy Nolvadex Online

The advanced drug Nolvadex is a strong antiestrogen which provides estrogenic effect in low doses.

Unlike Clomid Nolvadex is not selective antiestrogen and blocks synthesis of estrogens in all body. This drug contains the active ingredient Tamoxifen.

Tamoxifen does not reduce tumor but only stops its development. After tumor stops developing, it may be deleted (if attending doctor allows that), or the treatment with other drugs is continued.

Nolvadex starts acting in about 3-4 days after the beginning of the treatment. The maximal therapeutic effect is reached in 3-4 weeks.

Nolvadex is not only used as antitumor drug but also as a booster of testosterone in men. Nolvadex blocks receptors of estrogen in the entire body and makes the body restore the own testosterone. The increase of testosterone level does not happen directly, but it happens by means of the drug and circulating follicle stimulating hormone which increase testosterone synthesis.

Directions for the use

Nolvadex is used for the treatment of cancerous tumors which are caused by estrogens: breast cancer, cancer of testicles, carcinoma, and endometrial cancer.

Nolvadex may be used for the high level of estrogens in women and men. It especially works after steroid courses to recover the level of the male sexual hormones.

Usage and dosage

The pills of Nolvadex are taken only after the prior examination and having laboratory analyses. The prior consultation of a doctor is obligatory. A medical specialist will prescribe the scheme of the treatment and individual dosage. Then you will be able to buy Nolvadex in the needed amount, for the entire course of the treatment.

In case of breast cancer (as well as the male breast) patients are prescribed 20 mg of Nolvadex 2 times a day. In case of the disease regression and reduction of the cancerous cells the treatment is not stopped. 1-2 months are needed in order to fix the medical effect.

In case of endometrial cancer patients are recommended 1 pill of Nolvadex 30 mg 1-2 times a day.

Men are recommended to take 40 mg of Nolvadex once a day within 2-3 months in order to increase the production of the own testosterone and reduce the estrogen level. In case of intense decrease of the estrogen level the everyday dose may be increased up to 20 mg Nolvadex.

Side effects

There is a risk of the side effects appearance within the entire use of Nolvadex. But the side effects appear seldom in case of the high sensitivity of the body to Tamoxifen.

Patients often have pain in bones, nausea, GIT upset, retention of liquid in the body, temporal alopecia, uterine bleedings, and low amount of blood plates.

The drug use is terminated in case of the appearance of the bloody discharge from vagina.

The dose adjustment will reduce the unwanted side effects of the body.

Interaction with other drugs 

  • Cytostatics (cyclophosphamide, chlormethine, and others) increase the risk of thrombosis in case of the simultaneous use with Nolvadex
  • Tamoxifen is incompatible with anastrozol.
  • The simultaneous use of Nolvadex with progestin enhances a medical effect in the treatment of the tumor diseases. Before buying Nolvadex, consult a doctor and find out the reasonability of the combined use of Tamoxifen with progestin in your medical case.