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Product description

Neuropathic pain and spasmodic attacks are sings of the serious affection of the central nervous system. In some cases, spasmodic states (epilepsy) may be caused by neuropathic pain, and therefore diagnostics of the central nervous system should be done as soon as possible in case of these symptoms.

Despite doctors recommend complex therapy of neuropathic pain, the pharmacological therapy is at the moment the most effective and available for most people.

Peroral monotherapy with Neurontin drug helps to reduce neuropathic pain and quantity of the spasmodic attacks.

Buy Neurontin Online

Neurontin is a trade name of Gabapentin which is a strong anticonvulsant.

Taking Neurontin increases synthesis of gamma amino butyric acid, and the frequency of the arousal of the peripheral nerves is reduced, the release of monoamines (organic compounds which are responsible for the cognitive processes in the central nervous system) is decreased.

The combination of all mechanism of action of Gabapentin provides a high therapeutic efficiency of the drug during different forms of the neuropathic pain syndrome.

The drug is well tolerated and rarely causes side effects, and therefore it is prescribed even children and teenagers to treat epilepsy. In spite of this, Neurontin may be bought by the prescription after the prior examination in most countries of the world. Self-administration of the strong anticonvulsants may have negative consequences.

Directions for the use

Neurontin is prescribed to prevent or reduce the intensity of neuropathic pain syndrome in patients older 18 years.

Neurontin is effective in the treatment and prophylaxis of epilepsy symptoms, and convulsive states of the various origin.

Usage and dosage

In the treatment of the neuropathic pain the single dose of Neurontin is 300 mg. The dose should be used 3 times a day with a full glass of water.

If you forgot to take a pill of Neurontin 300 mg, do not take 2 pills at once because it may lead to the appearance of the side effects.

If the patient did not have allergy to the active ingredients of the drug within 3-4 days after the beginning of the treatment, the dose of Neurontin is increased by 300 mg every 2-3 days.

The maximal daily dose of Neurontin is 3600 mg. The maximal daily dose should be divided into several times and the pills are taken according to the regimen till the complete disappearance of the neuropathic pain signs.

In the epilepsy treatment, the treatment is started from the daily dose of Neurontin 900 mg and the dose is increased up to the effective one gradually.

Children are recommended an individual dosage regimen which is prescribed by a qualified doctor. The dose of Neurontin for children depends on the clinical case, age, and body weight of a child. Therefore, before buying Neurontin for children, it is recommended to seek medical aid.

Side effects

Side effects of Neurontin has s short-term character and may be invisible for a patient. Usually, the patient may have light dizziness, sleepiness, dry mouth, dyspepsia, and confusion in the first several days of the treatment.

The side effects quickly run their course in case of the regular consumption of the drug.

Interaction with other drugs

Signs of serious interaction of Neurontin with other drugs are not registered. However, doctors do not recommend taking gabapentin in combination with alcohol or medicines containing ethanol, tranquilizers, barbiturates and strong sleeping pills. These drugs enhance the activity to the central nervous system, so that the patient may be unpleasant side effects.

In case of the combined use of Neurontin with anticonvulsive drugs the arterial pressure may be increased.

Antidepressants and lidocaine enhance therapeutic action of Neurontin, that is why the adjustment of the everyday dose may be needed.