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Product description

Due to the sudden reduction of immunity the human may have acute conditions of the herpes symptoms. This virus may be in the body for many years but as a result of the stimulating factors ailing inflammations appear on the skin which bring discomfort.

Buy Valtrex Online

The advanced Valtrex drug is used for the acute conditions of herpes virus. This drug is the first aid in the treatment of herpes in many countries, and Valtrex may be bought in almost any pharmacy.

Valtrex is a trade name of the active ingredient Valacyclovir. This drug is active during any forms of herpes on all stages of the disease.

Valtrex rather quickly penetrates into the viral cell, and being an analogue of nucleoside is built into the viral DNA. It leads to the damage of the chain, termination of DNA synthesis of viruses, and blocking of virus replication, as a result.

The pharmacological action of Valacyclovir is started quickly. This ingredient is completely dissolved in the gastro-intestinal tract within 1-2 hours, and the peak concentration of Valacyclovir is reached in the blood. At the same time, the active ingredients penetrate the viral cells and start a destroying action.

If you felt light itching, inflammation, or other signs of herpes, it is necessary to buy Valtrex at once. The earlier the treatment is started, the less unwanted symptoms of herpes appear on the skin.

Valtrex reduces itching, pain, blisters on the skin, and prevents edema. After the treatment the patient does not have any signs of herpes on the skin, and no scars.

Directions for the use

Valtrex is used for any forms of herpetic infection. It is effective in the treatment of Herpes simplex type 1 and 2, genital herpes, and herpes zoster.

Valtrex is effectively used in surgery during transplantation, for prophylaxis of cytomegalovirus infection (the use of this drug reduces the probability of the acute rejection of the transplanted organ).

Valacyclovir is especially effective in patients with low immunity and HIV. It helps to quickly neutralize any skin infections and mucous membranes caused by herpes virus regardless of the body ability to fight with viral cells.

Usage and dosage

  • For the treatment of Herpes Simplex patients are prescribed a pill of Valtrex 500 mg 2 times a day. The duration of the antiviral therapy is 3-5 days. In case of the repeated disease the treatment is increased up to 10 days
  • For the treatment of genital herpes patients are prescribed 1 pill of Valtrex 500 mg a day within 6-12 months
  • For shingles Valtrex is prescribed 2 pills of Valtrex 500 mg 3 times a day within 7 days
  • In case of the organ transplantation Valtrex is prescribed adults and children over 12 years old. The drug is taken as soon as possible after the transplantation, in the dose of 2 g 4 times a day. The duration of Valtrex use is 90 days but the treatment may be increased in case of high risks of rejection.

Side effects

Short-term course of Valtrex does not cause side effects. In single cases, patients may have high itching or redness in the area of inflammation, and light headache during the first day of the treatment. But these side effects pass quickly.

In case of the prolonged treatment with Valtrex patients may have other unwanted reactions such as nausea, headache, short breathing, thrombocytopenia, and digestion disorder.

The reduction of the daily dose helps to reduce the intensity of the unwanted effects.

Interaction with drugs

  • Valtrex use with drugs which are metabolized by kidneys may cause the accumulation of valacyclovir in the blood, so that the potential threat of overdose is increased.