Buy Retin-A Cream Online (Tretinoin)

Product description

If standard cosmetic products and antibiotics do not help you in the treatment of acne, you may buy Retin-A which will cope with the severest forms of acne.

Retin-A is a medical drug from the group of retinoid and contains the active ingredient Tretinoin. According to its structure this drug is similar to Vitamin A and has similar therapeutic action.

Retin-A work consists in the improvement of the regeneration of the skin cells and removal of all drawbacks on the skin: acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc. In dermatology, Retin-A is used as a medicine of the final stage when other, less effective drugs could not improve the condition of the skin.

Buy Retin-A Cream Online

Retin-A belongs to the list of the most effective products for acne disease. This drug cleans pores, opens closed comedone, narrows deep pores, smoothes the skin, and reduces the production of sebum, and improves the skin tone.

Effect of Retin-A application is similar to peeling effect. But this process occurs slowly and less felt for the patient. The skin regeneration happens slowly and the production of sebum is lowered gradually. After the use of cream you will not have spots on the face and other unpleasant side effects which happen after peeling.

Retin-A differs from peroral retinoid because it does not reach the blood and does not cause systemic side effects. It is highly important because all string drugs used for the acne treatment have side effects.

Despite clinically proved safety of Tretinoin it is almost impossible to buy Retin-A without prescription in the USA, Canada, and many European countries. The uncontrolled use of this drug may cause serious side effects, and that is why, read the instructions for the use before starting the acne treatment.Buy Retin A Cream

Directions for the use

Retin-A is prescribed for the treatment of acne in adults and children over 12. Cream may be used for the prophylaxis of comedones to remove warts, hyperpigmentation, and smoothing the skin during wrinkles.

Usage and dosage

Depending on the sensitivity of your skin Retin-A may be selected in concentrations of 0,025, 0,05, and 0,1%. Despite cream 0,1% provides more expressed therapeutic effect, the probability of the side effects is also increased.

The treatment should be started from minimal doses of Retin-A 0,05%. Cream is applied once a day, in the evening, or at night, before going to bed. After applying thin layer of cream Retin-A it is necessary to rub the drug into the skin.

It is recommended to rinse with warm water in 7-8 hours. 

Depending on the sensitivity of the patientas skin the scheme of the Retin-A application may vary. If you have severe dry skin, redness, and increase of acne symptoms while using Retin-A, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of cream application up to one time per 2 days. One may return to the initial scheme in the process of the skin addiction to the action of Tretinoin.

The treatment lasts within 5-6 weeks. The first therapeutic effect appears on 1-2 weeks, and therefore the result is expected.

Side effects

Retin-A does not cause systemic side effects but the side effects happen in the form of the allergic reaction: redness of the skin, severe dry skin, itching, burning, peeling, light inflammation, and hives in the place of the cream application.

In case of the side effects the treatment is terminated. The use of Retin-A may be started again after the disappearance of all unwanted symptoms.

Interaction with other drugs

  • Retin-A is contraindicated to be used with antibiotics for the external use for the acne treatment. Effect may be increased resulting in the side effects
  • Ingredients which contain ethanol, sulphur, salycilic acid may increase the effect of Retin-A. The side effects may happen.
  • Using Retin-A the cosmetic products for skin care (lotions, foam) are not recommended.